-Is there an option to disable touch navigation?
Yes, you can disable it in slider setup method.
-Is it possible to use multiple instances of slider in one page?
Yes, it’s possible. You can have as many instances you want with different skins and templates in one page.
-Is there an option for autoplaying Youtube or Vimeo videos?
No, we don't recommend it.
-Is it possible to resell it with my own product (Template, CMS, WordPress Theme, …)?
Yes, It’s possible but with CodeCanyon Extended License, you can find more information about the licenses here …
-Can I use this slider in multiple websites with one license?
No, you need to buy one regular license for each website, you can find more information about the licenses here …
-Is there any support for Master Slider?
Yes, after purchasing you will be able to access to our dedicated support website and you can ask your questions in support forums, our support staffs are there for you.
-What’s inside download package?
  • The download package includes:
  • Uncompressed Master Slider JS files.
  • Templates
  • Skins ( css and psd files )
  • Documentation
  • Transition Gallery
  • Quickstart folder
  • Codecanyon License file.
-Can i use Master Slider in my end product?
Yes, but there are some conditions. Please read more here.
-Do you have a developer license?
No. At this time we don't have a developer or multi-client license. You cannot buy a license once and use it for more than one client.