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Auto Height Slider

It would be great if you have variety of images in different size which you want to show all of them as a group or in future you may need to add new slides that you don’t know the size of them now. This template automatically resizes itself based on each slide height. You can add as layers as you want to each slide. It uses CSS3 transitions and works super smoothly on major modern browsers and fallbacks to jQuery animation in old browsers.


If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestion to make Master Slider more interesting, please don't hesitate to share it with us ...

Template Key Features


With this feature, slider adapts its height to the height of each slide while changing slides. It has the “smoothHeight “ option for changing its height with or without animation.


It works with any size of images. It supports five image alignment methods (fill, fit, stretch, center and tile). You can insert multiple instances of slider in any size into your page.


This slider can be used in boxed and fullwidth mode, with “fullwidth” option, slider always adapts width of itself to its parent element. It can simply be used to create a slider with a same width as browser window width.

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