Flickr Plugin Sample

It dynamically loads images from your flickr account, you will be able to create a touch friendly image gallery which can grab images from photosets or your latest public photos, it supports thumbnails and has options for adding author name, image title and image description over each slide.


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Template Key Features

Flickr Plugin

You can add your Flickr images (latest images or a photoset) to the slider, with options to insert Flickr author name, image title and image description as a text layer over slide. Take a look at its sample here..


It works with any size of images. It supports five image alignment methods (fill, fit, stretch, center and tile). You can insert multiple instances of slider in any size into your page.

Thumbnails and Tabs

You can add thumbnail image or html content to each slide and the slider will show them in a list in vertical or horizontal direction which user can navigate it by touch and mouse swiping.

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