Full Width Slider with Animated Layers

It automatically adapts itself to the browser window width, you can simply use animated layers and videos in each layer or as a slide. Each layer simply positioned by left, right, top and bottom css parameters. Animation of layers can be fully controlled by animation parameters like animation effect, delay, duration, easing function and etc. 
Master Slider has lots of preset effect functions which helps you create your own effect for layers. Here you can find and use tons of examples…


If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestion to make Master Slider more interesting, please don't hesitate to share it with us ...

Template Key Features

Animated layers

You can easily add image, html formatted texts and video layers over each slide and each layer accepts unique animation parameters: animation effect, duration, delay, etc.

Layer Hide Transition

With this feature, you can set the time of hiding the layer which after that time, the layer disappears with a transition. You can simply specify easing function, duration and hide transition effect to each slide. Here you can see lots of preset hide transitions…

Fullwidth and Boxed layout

This slider can be used in boxed and fullwidth mode, with “fullwidth” option, slider always adapts width of itself to its parent element. It can simply be used to create a slider with a same width as browser window width.

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