Partial View Slider Version 3

This template shows one complete slide plus two partial of nearby slides at a same time which it increases the interest of seeing other slides by the visitors. You can simply use videos or images in any sizes or insert multiple animated layers over each slide. Each slide takes a unique html value. It also can be used with auto playing feature. 3D navigation works perfectly in modern browsers and in others it gets back to 2D mode.


If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestion to make Master Slider more interesting, please don't hesitate to share it with us ...

Template Key Features

Hardware Accelerated Transitions

Master Slider uses CSS3 hardware accelerated transitions for animating layers and 3D transforms for moving slides. It makes slider super smoothly in major modern browsers and it fallbacks to jQuery animations in old browsers.


Youtube and Vimeo are supported. Also it supports custom iframe, so it can show videos from any video sharing services like

SEO Friendly

You can use any type of html elements (headings, paragraph, lists …) in slider markup, they will be visible to search engines.

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