Staff Carousel Version 2

This template is perfect to show your staff information, it accepts slides in any size and each slide takes the information as html content to show below slide. Also it is a great solution for showing your customer services or clients logo and could be a nice testimonial carousel.


If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestion to make Master Slider more interesting, please don't hesitate to share it with us ...

Template Key Features

Smart Preloading

This slider gives you three options for image preloading. Preload all (preloads all images before initialize), instant initialize (preloads images in sequence), and loads nearby (loads slides beside current slide).

SEO Friendly

You can use any type of html elements (headings, paragraph, lists …) in slider markup, they will be visible to search engines.

Loop sliding

Loop option enables the continuous sliding mode. You can use this option in all starter templates.

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