Staff Carousel Version 5

This template is perfect to show your staff information, it accepts slides in any size and each slide takes the information as html content to show below the slide. Also it is a great solution for showing your customer services or clients logo and could be a nice testimonial carousel.3D navigation works perfectly in modern browsers and in other browsers it fallbacks to 2D.


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Template Key Features


It works with any size of images. It supports five image alignment methods (fill, fit, stretch, center and tile). You can insert multiple instances of slider in any size into your page.

Powerful API

This slider has a powerful api which gives you the ability to control the slider easily, with this api you simply can add events, use slider method and properties. You can find total description of api in slider documentation.

Hardware Accelerated Transitions

Master Slider uses CSS3 hardware accelerated transitions for animating layers and 3D transforms for moving slides. It makes slider super smoothly in major modern browsers and it fallbacks to jQuery animations in old browsers.

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