You can include Master Slider in your end product (theme) and make your customers even happier and increase your sales.

What should I do?

To have Master Slider in your theme you need to request and buy an extended license, then change it to in-stock license.

What is “In Stock” License?

In-Stock license is a partnership agreement between two authors that allow them to include an item within another end product.

Why “In Stock” License?

As you may know, recently Envato updated it’s licenses and it’s no longer possible to include an item within another end product (for example theme) only by buying extended license.

Just an extra step added to previous procedure and that’s a simple agreement between you (author) and us (averta) . So after buying an extended license you just need to fill up and submit this form , then we will email you the agreement in a very short time. After receiving the agreement from us you are good to go.

Also please make sure to read our Terms of use too.