Get Tons of Features

Master Slider is a stunning, super smooth, responsive, and touch
friendly slider. It comes with tons of features

Drag and Drop

Order slides with ease! Change the order of any Master Slides with our intuitive drag-and-drop style editor. Add and change layers, edit the slide transition and durations and other cool effects all while sipping a cup of coffee. No animation coding required.

Real-time Preview

Take full control of your slider animations with movie-like editing features. Preview your slide animates in real-time, directly from the admin, by simply dragging the timeline marker back and forth. Save time and frustration with real-time previews accessible directly from the Master Slider edit interface.

More Control, More Comfort


Align the Objects

Simply align layers by one click.

Snap to the Others

Place layers next to each other automatically.

Layer Position Origins

Select the origin of layer by yourself it helps in positioning in fullscreen

Visual Style Editor

Master Slider comes equipped with a cutting-edge visual editor that was built for everyone. Simply style layer elements however you desire in the visual panel and simply click to see your new style real-time.

Visual Transition Editor

With our visual transition editor, easily create a new transitions and save others for future use. Use one of prepared transition for layer or simply create a new transition in visual transition editor. Like it a lot? Save it for future usage.

Button Editor

Building and using buttons in Master Slider is a cinch. Select a from a variety of stunning button pre-packaged with Master Slider PRO for or simply create your own with our easy to use button editor.

Slider Features

Everything you need to present content with ease



Master Slider was built to be an out-of-the box responsive Slider solution, perfectly designed to work on any size screen. It doesn’t stop at responsive, Master Slider is fine-tuned to act appropriately in many different viewing environments.

Touch Swipe Navigation

Master Slider touch swipe navigation makes a perfectly uniform experience just like you would find on iOS or Android devices. On desktop browsers, touch swipe is deployed in a similar manner but utilized mouse dragging.

Animated Layers

Creating eye-catching, interactive slides in a snap with Master Slider PRO for . With animated layers simply insert or embed HTML formatted text, links, images or video directly into each slide. Want to independently animate each layer? No problem as every layer accepts unique animation parameter

Super Smooth Transitions

Master Slider takes advantage of latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques similar to “3D hardware accelerate transforms” to run transitions on modern browsers. We also provide a set of fallbacks and alternative methods for backwards compatibility with older browsers to provide super smooth.

6+ Interactive Transitions

Master Slider is equipped with 6+ unique, touch-enabled slide transitions which were developed using the latest techniques. The goal was to provide the best, super smooth transitions across as many browsers and devices as possible.

Parallax Effect

Beautifully implement modern Parallax effects with Master Slider. Choose between three types of effects including: parallax with mouse, parallax with swipe or parallax with scroll.


Master Slider is bringing the power of mouseover hotspots directly to the slide. Create a unique user-experience with circle hotspots and build powerful call-to-actions, map pins and product identifiers directly to the slides.

YouTube and Vimeo Videos

Insert video layers using popular sharing services such as YouTube, Vimeo and others! Animate and control video layer like any other layer within Master Slider PRO. Choose between autoplay or on-click and shape video elements into a slide design or simply use full-size.

Slide Video Background

Master Slider supports HTML5 self-hosted videos as slide backgrounds. Easily control your video backgrounds using different types of positioning methods and playback options such as loop, mute, unmute and apply overlay images and tints with ease.

Post Slider*

Create a brilliant post sliders from any type of posts or custom posts. Add dynamic content to each slide such as: Post Title, Post Author, Published Date and a lot more.

WooCommerce Slider*

Create dynamic WooCommerce product sliders with just a few clicks and achieve ultimate flexibility with the option to replace the WooCommerce default slider with Master Slider on product pages. Use hotspots to create engaging product demos.

Flickr Slider

Create lightweight and touch-enabled image galleries directly from Flickr! Master Slider PRO for can add dynamic meta data to each photo it pulls from Flickr making a seamless handshake between your website and popular online photo sharing service.

Facebook Slider

Create beautiful sliders from Facebook public image galleries. Master Slider PRO for can call Facebook images and create slides on the fly.  It is also possible to add photo meta data directly onto the slide to include the owner’s name, the image title and more.

Image Positioning

You can display all image sizes with individual aspect ratios all within the same slider set utilizing 5 different types of positioning methods. Also, Master Slider features an automatic crop tool that will perfectly size any image on a slide.

Smart Preloading

In Master Slider, three options can be used to preload the slider’s images: Load all images before initialize; instant initialize, which preloads images in sequence; and load nearby to load the next slide.
You can optimize your Master Slider to improve your website’s loading speed without sacrificing design.

Unique Control Set

Take control over your slider’s user elements such as slide thumbnails, bullets, arrows and more. All of public-facing elements can be easily modified including options such as alignment, position, margin, direction and the list goes on!

6+ Modern & Unique Skins

Master Slider comes equipped with 6+ high-quality skins in different colors and tones including dark, light and contrast, which all are Retina-ready. All skins are editable with common CSS, so developers can modify and make their own skins.

SEO Friendly

Master Slider PRO for is the only slider built with search engine optimization in mind thanks to its semantic markup.  Use various types of HTML elements including headings, paragraph and lists to fine-tune your slider’s markup for SEO.

*  These features are only available in WordPress Pro edition.


List of All Features

Here is a handful of all of the powerful features we have packaged up into Master Slider

Under The Hood

HTML5 Valid and SEO Friendly Markup

CSS3 Transitions with jQuery Fallback

Hardware Accelerated CSS3 3D Transforms

Fully Responsive

Cross Browser IE8+ and Other Modern Browsers

jQuery 1.7+ Supported

Optimized for Any Screen Sizes and Touch Devices

Smart Loading Assets

Powerful API for Developers

Memory Leak Free

Optimized Script-based Animations

Slider Appearance

6+ Interactive Slide Transitions

Full-width, Full-screen and Boxed Layout

Boxed with Visible Nearby Slides

Auto Height and Auto Fill Layout

Dynamic Slider Sources

Post Slider with Advanced Filtering Tool (Any Post-type)

WooCommerce Product Slider With Advanced Filtering Tool

Make Slider Dynamically From Flickr Photosets or User Latest Photos

Make Image Gallery Dynamically From Facebook Public Images


Touch Swipe Navigation

Mouse Swipe Navigation in Desktop

Loop and Linear Navigation

Shuffle Ordering Slides Option

Vertical and Horizontal Direction Navigation

Fully Customizable Thumbnail and Tabs

Vertical and Horizontal Bullets

Mouse Wheel Navigation

Customizable Arrows

Scroll Handle Slide Indicator

Built in Deep-linking Options

Auto Play with Timing Options

Timer-bar and Circle Timer UI Controls

Slider Capabilities

4 Different Layer Types (Text, Image, Button and Video)

Huge Variety of Layer Transitions

Hotspots and Tooltips over Slides

Transition In and Out Available for Each Layer

Parallax Effect while Scrolling

Layers Parallax Effect while Swiping

Layers Parallax Effect while Moving Mouse over Slide

Binding Special Actions to Layers

Embedding YouTube and Vimeo Videos

HD Video Backgrounds for Slides

Instant Initializing

Custom Pattern and Color Overlay

Auto Resizing and Aligning Layers while Resizing

Option to Link Slides, Layers and Hotspots

Editor Capabilities

30+ Ready to Use Sample Sliders (One Click Import)

Nice Looking and Easy to Use Layout

WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Editor

5 Background Positioning Options

Easy to Use Timeline Panel

Visual Style Editor

Visual Transition Effect Editor

Visual Button Editor

Easy Aligning Layers over Stage

Snapping Option on Drag & Drop Layers

9 Different Positioning Origin Points for Each Layer

Realtime Animation Preview

Moving Layers by Arrow Keys

Using Native Text Editor

Using Google Fonts (600+ Fonts)

Plugin Capabilities

Advanced Import And Export Tool

Built-in cache boosting

Translate Ready

Multisite Compatible

Extensive Developer API

400,000+ Websites Are Delivering Content by Master Slider

Compare the editions and start to build your slider visually with #1 touch slider on the market